Most of our beliefs are formed before the age of 6.  Nature cleverly designed us so that prior to the age of two are brains are in the slowest frequency brainwave of delta, similar to a deep meditative state.  From the age of two till six our dominant brain wave state is the hypnotic state of theta.  In this way, when we are born we don’t have any conscious memories, a blank canvas ready to absorb memories and beliefs, sometimes known as ‘the writing on our walls’.

Beliefs are formed from the following 6 experiences:

  • From the conclusions based on traumatic experiences:  It is not the trauma itself but the conclusion we formed as a result of the trauma e.g. the world is a dangerous place, I’m unlucky, I deserved it.
  • Learning experiences: Powerful learning experiences go straight to our subconscious, basic skills like walking, talking etc
  • Post-hypnotic suggestion: Suggestions made to us in an altered state of consciousness automatically go to our subconscious.  We can be in a hypnotic stage in the presence of people of power; doctors, teachers etc.  It is is important to be aware that powerful people can either support or damage us.
  • Teaching: We can be in a suggestible state with teachers which is why negative beliefs can be easily adapted eg ‘you will never amount to anything’, ‘you are not trying hard enough’ ….. a traumatic learning and teaching experience rolled into one.
  • Unconscious modelling: When we are in the theta brain wave state we are like sponges, we absorb everything that our parents and caregivers are modelling to us, these learnings are stored directly in our subconscious.
  • Repetition: Repeating an action consistently lodges it into the subconscious, and will change the pathways in our brain (neuroplasticity). The neural connections (communication pathways between our brain cells) are shown to become denser when we consistently repeat a specific thought.

We all have a myriad of beliefs that we have collected over our lifetimes, we often only become aware of them once we go looking for them. Beliefs may also be inter-linked.  Beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind and shape the way we are and the way we react in this world.

By exploring the things that are not working for you in your life we can establish your negative beliefs.  Whether the problems are financial, physical, relationships, job satifaction, food cravings etc.  Throughout our lives incidences will occur that ‘prove’ that our belief is correct.  For instance if we believe that we do not deserve money, we won’t have much money, we may keep losing it, having work or business failures or costly left field events, we just won’t be able to hold onto it.  Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we release the negative from the supporting incidences which  collapses the negative beliefs, paving the way for new positve learnings and beliefs and understandings.

Confidence isn’t gained by avoiding the hardships or challenges in life; it’s having the trust that you have the skills and emotional resilience to handle whatever comes your way

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