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The life you have now may be the result of your upbringing and your environment, and it is completely your choice to turn it into the life of your dreams

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My Story

My Story:

I believe we are all working on something at this very moment, and I am no different to you.  I am however a lot different to my younger self, and more so in the past decade.

I have been on a journey of conscious growth my whole adult life, and became more determined about that when I had children.  My motive then was wanting to be a better person, and a better parent to allow my children to start life from a strong and secure foundation, with confidence in themselves.

A lot of my life I have experienced self-doubt and insecurity, varying forms of self-sabotage, emotional eating, extended periods of sadness, and grief,  loss of loved ones and pets, relationships and dreams.  I remember being very shy and inhibited, a people pleaser. 

Learning and using many coping and calming techniques over the years I got by, these included; meditation, yoga, exercise, journaling, counselling, chakra work, grounding and more.  It was 7 years ago that I discovered Tapping and more recently Matrix Reimprinting, and that is when the fast, deep and lasting change really happened.

Having now trained in Tapping (EFT) to an Advanced level, Matrix Reimprinting; including generational work and Neuro Linguistic Programming, I am able to offer you the same healing pathways that helped me.  Along with the mindfulness techniques that I incorporate into my client’s sessions.  

I receive enormous pleasure in witnessing clients rise from their challenges whether that be sadness or anxiety, doubt, confusion or hopelessness, to a state of hopefulness, empowerment, joy and confidence.  Words cannot describe the feeling I receive from this, that is what I am here to do.

I am a lover of life, of animals, of this experience and of our planet, I strive to live in harmony with all.

Married to an amazing man, a talented muso.  I am blessed with two fantastic adult sons who fill my heart. My life has been challenging and rewarding and I am grateful for all of my learnings so far, and for the beautiful supportive tribe I have around me.

I am blessed.

Confidence isn’t gained by avoiding the hardships or challenges in life; it’s having the trust that you have the skills and emotional resilience to handle whatever comes your way

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